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Edmonton's Trusted Source for Durable Grease Traps

In addition to providing dependable grease trap repair, maintenance, and replacement services, Suck U Sump Service also offers high-quality Endura® grease interceptors to customers in the Edmonton area. If you are a food service professional, you know the importance of managing fats, oil and grease (FOG) in commercial kitchens.

Poorly handled FOG in food service facilities can:

Lead to fines and closure

Create the need for costly repairs

Jeopardize the health of your staff

Affect the environment negatively

Endura Grease Interceptors From Canplas® Plumbing

Backed by 50 years’ experience of manufacturing and distributing plastic plumbing products, Canplas® Plumbing offers innovative grease management solutions, in accordance with environmental rules and guidelines. Endura grease interceptors are designed to endure tough environments and allow for flexible application (in-floor, on-floor, and semi-recessed) to suit a diverse range of needs.

For information about Endura grease interceptor sizing, please click here to view the Canplas calculator. Call us if you are looking to install high-quality grease traps on your Edmonton property!

Why Choose Endura?

Last year, Chuck raced demolition cars. For fun, he stacked his demolition car on top of four Endura grease interceptors, which didn't crumble under the pressure, demonstrating their strength and durability. So, if you think plastic grease traps are not tough enough, think again. Along with being durable, Endura grease interceptors are also:



Environmentally friendly

10 year warranty

Plastic Versus Metal Grease Trap

Plastic grease traps offer a distinct advantage in that they do not break down, even after exposure to all the harsh chemicals, salts, acidic liquids, and water. Metal grease traps tend to rust out within 3 to 5 years due to Edmonton’s hard water and grease build-up. The durability and 10 year warranty of plastic grease traps makes them the logical choice if you are looking for quality that lasts for many years.

If you are on the fence when it comes to deciding which grease trap to use, call our team of professionals to advise you further. They will be glad to answer any questions you may have!

Need A Grease Interceptor?

Our Endura® grease interceptors are sure to fit your requirements!

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