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Suck Club Maintenance Program

Maintenance Programs for Grease Traps in Edmonton

Do you want expert maintenance solutions in Edmonton for your grease traps and drains? Wondering how much will it cost you to get a seasoned professional to clean your sumps? We have answers to all your concerns. At Suck U Sump Service, we offer preventive and routine maintenance programs for grease traps, sumps, and drains of all sizes. Whether you operate one restaurant or multiple facilities, our effective programs will offer you complete peace of mind. We make sure that each service is delivered according to your timelines, so that you experience no disruptions during the business hours.


There are many benefits of our maintenance programs:

  • Pre-scheduled service appointments on a recurring basis.
  • Appointments become more efficient when our technicians learn your service routines and repeat them from one appointment to the next.
  • Payment terms other than COD or pre-authorized credit card.
  • Priority service appointments and repairs.
  • More efficient response time for after-hours and urgent service requests.
  • A single and trusted source provider for all your service needs.
  • Saves you both time and money.
  • Documented service history to help you identify issues even before they occur, preventing costly repairs and downtime.

Give us a call today for more information or to sign up for one of our maintenance programs.

No payments till 2021 on all services oac. 

Schedule a Maintenance

We use the best methods to clean and maintain your grease traps, drains, and sumps.

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