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Suck U Sump Service in Edmonton offers high-pressure flushing and steaming services to clean your drain pipes. Need professional flushing and steaming solutions for your office building? Contact our team today. We will be there quickly to flush all the grime and dirt away!

Flushing and Steaming Done Right the First Time

Flushing is an important part of preventative maintenance. It could be your grease trap, floor drains, sediment bins, or sumps that need flushing. If your grease trap is not draining or backing up, we are here to help. With our flushing services, we can burn away grease with a high temperature, high pressure flusher. Our dedicated professionals always make sure to match your timelines and deliver a service that is timely and efficient and meets your unique needs.

Flushing Away Your Grease Trap Problems Effectively

When you don’t service your grease traps regularly, it can lead to grease build-ups in the floor drains which then causes backups in bathrooms and kitchens. Our professionals are specially trained to operate our flushing systems, so that we can get you up and operating again. We want to help you keep your drains free and clear of any blockages and odors! Letting excess grease build-up will also affect the main city lines, and hence, regular flushing and steaming is recommended.

No payments till 2021 on all services oac. 

Need Flushing Services?

We offer quick flushing and steaming services for all commercial properties!

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