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Whether your parkade needs power flushing or steaming solutions, Suck U Sump Service has got your back. Book an appointment with our specialized team of professionals to inspect and clean your catch basins, so that you can avoid any flooding in your parkade!

Prompt and Efficient Parkade Flush Services in Town

Have your parkade sumps gotten full? Do you have a wash bay or tech drains in your parkade? We can handle all of these with our top-in-line equipment. Parkade trucks at Suck U Sump Service are designed for low clearances. We can also use them to clean elevator pits. From time to time, waterlines break. In such a case, we will come to your site right away to deal with it. Our parkade trucks are a perfect solution for build-up cleaning, even if it is an emergency. That’s what our 24/7 services are for.

Keeping Your Parkades Clean With Specialty Trucks

Our specialty parkade trucks are an important part of our services. Does your elevator leak hydraulic oil and is causing an unpleasant smell for your hotel guests or tenants in your building? Let us come with our parkade truck and flush truck to rinse away any oil that has leaked through. We also provide parkade flushing for any problematic sumps and drains. Our flush truck has enough hoses that can get to any problem areas, so that we can successfully clear blockages or rinse away any unwanted debris.

No payments till 2021 on all services oac. 

Flooded Parkade?

Our vac equipment is powerful enough to handle any problem!

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